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Monday, 7 June 2010

More from yesterday

Si the fashion model showing the leather and canvas Roe Sack. This normally sits a little higher but we were very tired having only had an hour or two of sleep between stalks.
The interior is protected by a large removable waterproof liner, this comes with a good draw cord as well.
I usually carry in the rear pocket my gralloching kit and I can also fit in the main compartment the deer drag. This is used for recovering lager deer such as Fallow and Sika when on your own. It has fitted to large, wide and long webbing shoulder straps for comfort and can be laced up from both ends. This will fit in the Roe Sack even if a full sized Roebuck is carried.

Not forgetting what 7.62 x 39 does to a vixen!

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