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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Arisaka Rifles

Alex: "I want one of these please Dad!";

The lecture continues, containing some good slides, production figures were discussed but not put up

Lots of different models shown on the slideshow, variations etc, Mr Nambus improved bolt;

The difference between the naming and numbering conventions was covered if not the reason;

The first Japanese bolt action rifle with a Beaumont type of bolt, the Murata;

Apparently many were turned into shotguns, the ammuntion was covered as well;

Interesting how 6.5 again was deemed to be insufficient for battle;

The international influence on the bayonet design was clear to see;

Sniping models were covered, interestingly they were never adjustable and set at the factory;

The fact that no scopes seem to match the rifles means that using one may be a good way of wasting your ammo;

The type I developed and built in Italy and ended up in the Japanese Navy;

Dont try to use live ammo in one of these;

The training rifles were confused for late war production weapons where standards for production lowered yet the steel was still of superb quality;

The Japanese solution to lack of sub machine guns for Paratroopers etc was to build an ingenious take down rifle;

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ajdshootist said...

Back in the 1980s i had a type 38 converted by Jeffries to 6.5x54 quite a common conversion done after the First World War barrel was a bit worn .2675 but using bullets re swaged or drawn shot very well out to 400 yds.