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Friday, 28 May 2010

Yes I have been a little slack lately

In my defence its been an awful work week and trying to find time to fit everything in hasnt been easy. That all changes next month when I get weekdays off again. Whilst struggling to manage all of the balls I was juggling as well as getting the wood ready for the birds and also getting ready for the summer game fair and show rush!
Nigel in the meantime has sent me this, how to hold on correctly on a moving train;

Apparently it's the old chap by the door! Well fancy that. Phil sent me this, it seems that even criminals get lucky, if you dont believe me how can he get away with only a dog bite or ten when attempting to hold up a gunshop? The worlds shortest stick up;

This weekend we will be visiting the Heathfield Show for a couple of hours to spy it out for next year then moving on to Highclere castle for the Countrymans Fair.

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