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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Back to reality and work

The only problem with getting older is that you attend more funerals than you remember doing as a child. This pic has 4 Generations of the family there dating from 1920 through to 2000.

The Tea Lady was very supportive and didnt point out my expanding waistline unlike the rest of my family!

The boys behaved really well and I may be sending them out to collect the rent later!

One of the strange things I learnt about my Gran was that in 1936 she was selected to represent Britain in the Berlin Olympics as the female High Jump contestant. Sadlly she couldnt go due to funding problems.

After the Crematorium and Church service we had a buffet at the local sports ground and then had some rest before an evening meal at the Lymme Breeze. It was nice and very surprising to see kids that you last saw as Todddlers or pre teens now pushing 30!

My Baby sister came up and brought her family, nice to see them growing up to be fine kids.
On Friday morning we caught up with uncle Simon for tea before the long drive home.
On the way home we dropped into the Outdoorsman to sort out some orders and catch up with Myles. Alex treats the place like a great toy shop, which it is;
Trouble is it also ends up in a dressing up session!

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