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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

You know that call me dave chap?

Well apparently I am so important to his election campaign that he and some chap called George Osborne had time to send me a personal e mail about how they were running the election campaign.

I thought that this deserved a full and honest reply;

Dear David, let me call you that as you seem to call me by my first name in

Not only am I surprised that you have the time to send me a personal email but that your
colleague George Osborne also has the time to spend writing emails to me.

Not only would I prefer you to desist from bothering me but I also would like to make it
clear that I will not be supporting your local candidate in my constituency as he has spent
rather a lot of my money looking after a property which isnt in my constituency.

If he or you could explain why this situation exists then I may decide not to vote for anyone
but your local candidate.

Dont worry, I wont be supporting UKIP or the BNP not that its any of your business but I rather fancy that the local independant candidate who lives nearby may have local interests at heart unlike those following the party line.
Yours heartilly fed up with the wasters in westminster
Remember, make your MP work for a living, dont re elect him!

Oh and Georgy boy got the same!

That said I have to admit that its not just e myther that gets my goat, I thought that preferential mailing lists meant that you dont receive such items of junk mail. Short of waiting for the other parties junk to arrive and swapping around inserts and returning them I thought this would do;

If enough people return them the Post office will start charging them for it! I suppose that reason enough to ensure that they dont get public funds for campaigning!

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