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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spot the difference

The Grinning Spiv Bliar;

Here we have one of the latest "outrages" committed by the alleged far right BNP;
And finally the one eyed PW;

Can anyone spot the difference?

Ok I'll tell you, those service personell around the two liebour crooks are serving personell whereas the one with the Odious Griffin isnt.

Oh no, he is ex services and has chosen to stand alongside Griffen unlike the serving personell who in fact had to be ordered to attend a parade to stand behind those scumbags and not one of them looks in the slightest bit happy to be there!

Anyone notice how using HM servants could be construed as breaching the regulations regarding political party canvassing prior to an election?

Now under Labours "A fair Britain for all" manifesto title surely every prospective Parliamentary Candidate should be flown at tax payers expense to the sandpit to be photographed in front of troops who doubtless have plenty of other things to do thanks to the grinning spiv deploying them in the first place!

It almost makes you want Wilson back, at least we knew he didnt like any establishment even his own!

This however is a man who has visited the forward bases, not sat around Bagram air base unlike our elected representatives;
And the reason why? Because unlike those elected to represent us HRH has 2 sons serving and one has got his knees brown unlike those who represent us;
Does anyone know exactly how representative of the population our political overlords are?
My answer is to make your MP work for a living; "Dont re elect them!" In fact if an independant candidate was elected at enough constituencies then the crooked cabal of the political elite might have to do some work and not just vote themselves pay rises and bigger expense accounts!

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