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Sunday, 11 April 2010

A shorter working week than normal thankfullly

So that gives me more time to introduce my friend the OzPig, bought locally and it didnt take too long to light!
I had to sort part of the wood pile so I used the smaller bits to test fire the piggy

Meatballs in sauce stewing away on the pig, pan came with the piggy.

Lots of heat produced by the fire, trick is to leave the door open and the heat really does rage away!

That was saturday, so sunday morning was spent in the wood sorting out feeders and pegging out the drives. Yes at last we decided to peg out the drives, we might even look professional at this rate. The numbers are small but laminated so should survive the year, some drives are more stannd than walk but generally the shoot has moved to a walkk and stand.

Areas for more work were spotted and marked up, plans made and next month the heavy work begins.

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