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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happy Easter from Kelmarsh

Yes greetings from foreign climes, or Northamptonshire as the natives call it! The tea lady appeared as the Easter Bunny and although there were no eggs this year business was brisk.

We took the usual size shedding and arrived on the saturday to set up. To say it had been raining was an understatement, some people had no idea why 4wd and off road tyres exist;

The stand looked pretty good when set up although as the business is run by a female it will constantly change!

The crowds were steady all day sunday and we didnt get 5 minutes to sit down.

The weather was pretty grim on sunday but it still didnt deter the punters thankfully.

Sassy and Cody came along, they were both in season so leaving them at home wasnt an option even if it meant keeping a sharper eye on them than normal. Both girls modelled goods all weekend;

Some customers were happy to pose for the camera;

The girls thought that the modelling work was tough going and seemed to be happiest at rest;

Sunday brought the first sighting of red cords this month;

Monday brought out some fine examples;

And more;

Sassy as per usual remained totally unfazed by it all;

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