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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Diana effect?

The Diana effect? What the hell has the deranged scouse type professional grievers behaviour over that damn woman got to do with the spontaneous showing of respect for the loss of lives in another dirty foreign war?
Damn politicking by alleged senior spokesmen thats what it is.
This bunch of clowns and in fact every bunch of clowns since Jim Callaghan sent in the troops to Ulster in 1969 has denied the loss and sacrifice made by our service personell always put in harms way when politicians fail.
I say let the people (whoever they may be) show their respects however they want. It's not for me to do the same but its definetly a right I stood in line to defend, freedom of expression!
The bodies of those two Sappers were airfreighted back in a civil aircraft with no ramp ceremony!
Shame on you, the people at home are supportive of our troops as they represent us and our society, what that means is should the support wain then what little political will to keep fighting will disappear!

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