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Monday, 8 March 2010

A busy old weekend

Wednesday evening I caught up with some trophy preparation;

Thursday melted into Friday which itself was 30 hours long, I slumped off home to enjoy my bed at last. Saturday saw the arrival of Cody our new Cocker bitch, at the moment she is a real treat. Pics to follow. I thought I would fill saturday with humorous postings but I filled it with snoring in front of the TV instead!

So here are some starting with a Darwin candidate;

Possibly another although this one is an advert;

The story of my life:

Sunday was spent mainly in the woods, I visited early to check we had deer for later, went home for a 100 bird competition and then out again for a stalk. Clays, well I managed to break 60 so I am happy!

The woods were very chilly and looked very pretty this time of year;

The deer were walking with the wind blowing onto their backs and straight for us;

Sadly I think the lead doe was just too close to be hit if you know what I mean. I should have shot the back one but was absolutely mesmerised by the mexican standoff about to unfold.

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