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Monday, 8 February 2010

Ok, here is a little more of tripod the 3 legged buck, originally seen by Richard many months ago on his trail cams. He was plotted at various locations, salt licks tc and even jousting during the rut but never clearly through a rifle sight.

More to follow.

Anyhow I'll get back to that later, in the celeb obsessed world us poor mortals inhabit we have endured the media parading of this farce. Now whatever you think about alledged marital cheats to replace him with an alleged drug cheat, where's the sense in that or are we expected to have goldfish memories.
I'm glad to see that England took Wales in the 6 nations on saturday even if I cannt understnd why we have sin bins and lift players in the line outs, be wearing padding next!

Anyway enough of that lets have more of this even if it is faked;

As is probably this;

But this in Iraq shows that Human ingenuity will overcome even crappy French car designs and awful parking, I cant see it catching on though;

That said I could regale you with tales of our own darwin candidates but I'll save that for later.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Free market and his Fairy Tales for getting me involved in this game originally. He has retired from the active scene but is still publishing "on this day" so we can still enjoy what history the politically correct havent tried to airbrush out of our lives, Here's a glass of Dublin's whiskey raised to you!

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