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Sunday, 7 February 2010

First work party weekend

Spent saturday morning looking at a house with land, way out of my price league, well it wasnt until all the M class Mercs turned up!

Saturday afternoon spent at Eastbourne Borough watching the Seasiders beat Wrexham 2-1.

The next day was back to the wood, sorting out feeders and moving drums of feed around;

Of course we managed to flush more birds in 10 minutes than we had all season, typical!Breaking up the cache of drums means that we can walk around without carrying bags of grain for miles or use the vehicles, this is good, we can stalk charley whilst doing a feed round!
We spent a little time risking Toni's life and limb, even the dogs sat in the 4wd.

Richard managed at last to get his 3 legged buck, I get a haunch to do the trophy, its a big deer and hopefully I will post the story later this week.

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