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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Course completed, exam passed

Yes it snowed, I forgot ammo magazines, flask and even the combination to the gate but we did it. The only let down was the fact that only 2 of us today saw deer.

Was it cold? Damn right it was and I still found a volunteer willing to sit in a high seat for an hour or so!

It all culminated with an exam and the 3 candidates took home a certificate and hopefully some good experiences. No deer shot but thats not unusual on a first outing.

It certainly did snow though;

Thats 3 more stalkers ready to approach the police and start their stalking careers.

Now I am no longer on call its time perhaps for a sniff of this?


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

DSC1 ?


Bambibasher said...

No not DSC 1 but a more practical version, the exam uses the same material and its the first part of the NVQ equivalent assessment for Deer Management which should match or exceed DSC1 and 2 combined. The students come back later in the year for the trained hunter/game handler/hygeine part of the course but the follow up assessments for the stalk and gralloch witness events take place during the year either at their own ground or on ours.

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Interesting, please pop me the details next time you're thinking of running the course.

Bambibasher said...

I'm hoping to run 1 course a month drop me an email, basically you get to do a lot more practical work than DSC1, its a firm favourite with students. The DSC course concentrates on classroom work nd we do as little of thatas we can get away with.
The first morning is spent on deer id and gralloching but we use real heads and hides for the id work, afternoon is spent on the range followed by a live firing stalk onto deer targets. The evening is a stalk as is the next morning! The rest of the day is revision, q&a and test. Follow up stalks for assessment follow and a record is held. It allows us to assess to the same standard as DSC2 within a year for a lot less cost and is a course designed around your needs rather than Mr Cholmondley Warner and no gloves gralloching.