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Sunday, 10 January 2010

The weekend is upon us and our Hampshire event was cancelled so we took

The dogs for a walk on the downs, this time only 4WD cars had made the attampt so the road was clear of abandonded rear wheel drive litter;

It was very fresh and the snow was starting again;

The view from the top is always worth the effort;

The truck made light work of both up and down hill, I wish the same could be said of the Suzuki but this morning it couldnt manage the hill climb.

Nice to see my tax funded grit being strategically placed. I went home and finished off chainsawing and splitting a load of logs for a friend, they were delivered this afternoon after we walked the dogs.

Off course we got the full scenic views across the north side of the downs as we took the logs and delivered them.

Just the usual ironing to wade through before my stag on fox watch !

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