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Friday, 8 January 2010

This morning I saw

In fact it was last night but Charlie wont be sniffing around the chicken coop again;
In fact since the first year we moved in when we removed 10 in 2 months I figured they had worked out that Cul de sac is a dead end, obviously a new generation and this one made the mistake of walking past my window not once but twice. Fias Sabbatti in .22rf at about 30 yards using CCI subsonic hollowpoint!
Its been a while since one fell to the moderated semi auto but it certainly hasnt lost its touch and the brush came off very easily;

Smile for the camera;


Anonymous said...

Nice shooting


Bambibasher said...

There have been more since but I dont always get to the window in time, seeing their tracks in the snow in the morning really fires me up!

Anonymous said...

So, it's not enough to kill this fox. You have resort to ridicule by displaying the animal in this grotesque manner.

Whatever your personal views of wildlife, the fact is, a living, wild animal lost its life at your hands in this instance. To treat the incident in this demeaning way speaks of a callousness and wastefulness I simply cannot comprehend. My late grandfather, an old-school hunter, would have been horrified by this presentation. He hunted to eat, not to gloat.

It's hard to imagine, dear, isn't it, why those of us who don't hunt might find this beyond unpalatable.

Bambibasher said...

Well anonymous, like your Grandfather I shoot to eat or in this case to protect my stock od chickens. If you feel strongly enough stop hiding behind anonymous and come over to see where meat really comes from unless of course you are a vegetarian!
Now how is photographs of dead things callous and demeaning when I can watch TV and see humans killed for far less than attempting to kill all my chickens?
Grow up!