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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Santa's toy gets used

This weekend after what has been a very tiring week, I managed to get a day in on the boss' place in Hampshire, a good day despite the farms having shredded the hedges. I managed a bird and a couple of trees as the bird managed to flit between them!

As per usual I forgot my camera but Jason didnt;
Meself, Arthur and Tristan;

I only took 4 as Misty is still recovering from her fit and should be part time for next week.

Well the bag may not have been big but the lunch was superb and I brought back a brace.

Today saw a few of the syndicate meet up for a practise shoot at our little wood, some fun was had and Santa's present was used for the first time;

San Angelo shooting bench, no more lying down getting my beer belly in the way of a good group.

Steve trying out his .243;

Steve has a very nice Tikka T3;

Colin trying out a .308;

Nice and quiet 100 grain loads doing 2900 fps

Remember it's good for you, thanks Kiwi!


Brigid said...

That's my idea of lunch. Awesome.

Bambibasher said...

Brigid, we dont all do big bags and whilst I have worked on a 500 bird day shoot, I prefer walking with friends two and four legged and putting 20 birds on the game cart to be shared out later. Even if we dont eat a lot of pheasant (venison in sausages and steak is my favourite) our neighbours eat well.
My idea of lunch on a cold day has to be range stew and fresh buttered rolls.

Ghostrifle said...

Hi Mate

I have a T3 just like that, love the thing a no nosense stalking rifle. Try sako gameheads mine loves them.