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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Last day of the current season

It was beaters day in our little wood. Sadly the 2 half guns and 2 of the full guns couldnt make it but we had a respectable turn out.
Its a sort of Father and Son day, should you be lucky enough to have a son that beats for you then this is payback time. Some sons took great pleasure in paying back;

Archie here not only took a bird with his first shot but also it was a woodcock. Well done, when you are so young that your dad has to carry the gun between drives then you deserve this luck.

The first drive produced another oddity, One of Tony's pointers flushed a visiting cock pheasant which was snatched from the sky by the neck at about 4 feet up by Dilly Chris's dog!

Here is Frank holding the evidence;

Whilst we mention Frank who I must add dropped a big pheasant, is a very nice Dutch Colleague of mine and he came with the Terminator;
The day wasnt too bad, a fair few birds presented and a fair few saluted, just a pity we only managed two brace of each, this is thanks to Frank potting a big fat Cock Pheasant despite Maurice claiming it for himself and then William potted a Woodcock much to his Brother Charles' disgust! No peace in that house till next season.

I wish we could do a beaters every month and I suspect they do too. I hope next season runs as well as this one, as I said to the guns in their hand out for next season, this one is over but the next one starts on the first of feb with a work party on the 7th.

Todays guns were this seasons beaters seen here with their birds and below are this seasons guns and todays beaters with their sense of humour intact
The last picture I would like to leave you with is this one, two friends enjoying their first day shooting together ever;
More to follow!

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