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Friday, 1 January 2010

I suppose that by now just about everywhere will be

In the new year, so happy new year and keep shooting. My week of oncall finished at noon today so the boys and I went to see Eastbourne Borough play the round ball game for girls. I cant support the local rugby union side as I played a couple of seasons for their sworn enemies, the Loonies. I have avoided the place as they keep trying to get a veterans side together and I dont have a wheelchair or a missing limb, its about the only way to say no and then not even guaranteed.

EBFC were on form as usual, playing at home to Crawley Town the club decided the bar would only be open before the game to club members. Bah Humbug, I hope they made a loss!

A week of christmas and nothing to drink and the bar is barred. B@stards!

The game went no better, Boro went down 1 in the first few minutes and despite the north stand boys making a racket seemed determined to continue their streak of 4 months without a win. At least the season isnt over yet, not that I will be bothering with them again this season!

The ground seemed to fill, 1700 odd I think and odd is just about right!

The North Stand Boys have a few interesting tunes to sing to the visitors;

The game was fought reasonably well I suppose, it just seems pointless if all you do is kick the ball straight at the opposition goalie! It ended 2-0!

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