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Saturday, 2 January 2010

First shoot of the year

Most definetly on the downhill slope towards the end of the season though! Crisp and cold and I brought the guest but despite putting a fair few pheasants over various guns we couldnt bag a single one! We did however manage a rather esoterically mixed bag;

The day as said was cold but we certainly warmed up pretty quickly, the dogs worked well and we actually had a surplus of beaters. Combine that with more walking guns and wider beats meant that more birds went in the air. Not sure how many Woodcock were flushed but by our usual average of 2 birds shot for 20 flushed we must have put 40 over the line. I did count at least 2 dozen pheasants flushed but as nusual they are cleverer by now and know how to find the gap in the line.

Does that look deep and crisp and even? No I didnt think so but it certainly looked damn cold!
A quick look at the beaters;
And the guns;

Sassy, my best bitch without a doubt, managed to find a downed woodcock in deepest cover so all I can say to the guns is: "Next time you think you have hit it, pick it up yourself and prove it otherwise accept that it wasnt dead as if Sassy cant find it, it isnt there!"

Happy new year!

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