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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Another great day in the wood

Saturdays, sadly only one a week but at least the weather held off, held off in fact until we had had a little clay shoot as well for Alex and his schoolmates.

Firstly the shoot, Gary from work, the first time he has shot and he bags a woodcock;

Followed at the end of the last drive by a big cock pheasant, beginners luck eh?
The bag is starting to look respectable, pity it was the last drive. Looking like an opening day, as usual we saluted plenty and bagged enough for those interested to take a bird home!

At the divvy up Elmer turns up along with the tea lady and the rug rats, the bag is looking better, 3 woodcock, 1 hen pheasant and 4 cock pheasants;

Then the fun began;

Who'd have thought it, kids with guns behaving responsibly and enjoying themselves, great isnt it;

Of course we cant forget the fairer sex, damn fine shot she was too, sadly the video is too big to upload so here is birthday boy;

As I look out of the window at the appalling weather and hope this afternoons stalking will be dry!

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