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Thursday, 26 November 2009

The weekend looms

The weather looks better and its time for a trip to Hampshire for some beating on the Bosses shoot.
Until then perhaps you can have a laugh at this idiot or perhaps wish like me to be able to re educate his brother;

Now this person is deserving of your support, I dont want you to send them any money, it can gho to someone who needs it, what I want you to do is read this.

Nice to see resistance against the enemy continues.

its not as if they do anything decent anymore, the latest so called attempts at comedy, the impression show and comedy road show suck like only a sucking chest wound can!

Even with canned laughter its still miles better than the usual pish the BBC produces, Mock the week and Have I got news for you being the only exceptions.

This is amusing as a mate has recently started work for these;

Anyway that will have to do as River Cottage is about to start!

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