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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday and its clays again

The heaviest rain this year so far hits us and Ben and I decide a 50 bird sporting layout is the best way to spend the morning. Lets face it despite it being world at war weekend on Military History channel the rain has disrupted the signal so out come the guns.

As per usual the rain and wind made the birds challenging, well they should have but as usual I cleaned stand one, clean as in whitewash. I didnt get my eye in until stand 3 so a miserable 19 out of 50 was all I could manage.
Back to the bat cave and time to boil out an old roe skull that was hogging space in the family food freezer, well mine were both full of hides waiting for a week of dry weather!
Its currently sat on the kitchen window with a drop of bleach to aid the whiteness;

A few days there and then onto the office window for a little sunshine to bleach the skull nicely;

With the weather the way it is at the moment it will be a few weeks at least before it goes up on the Valhalla wall or is sold to an interior designer type!

Just a quick reminder of where it came from;

Ah yes the first deer to fall to the Rigby in my hands!

Now to get on with mincing some Red Hind venison, I have a lot of sausages to prepare!

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