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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Rigby

regular readers may recall me acquiring the Rigby. I have yet to investigate its age etc but it certainly is a very nice rifle. 4 Deer have fallen to its .275 charms so far this year and whilst it weighs in more than my usual CZ527 that I use when guiding it certainly is a very nice rifle;

Sorry about the picture quality but natural light isnt very common this time of year!

The barrel is Roll Marked with Rigby's London address and I was lucky to find 40 rounds of original 140 grain loads in Norma Cases in the Rigby boxes. Its really 7mm Mauser even the local police accept that so I am lucky there I suppose.

It is a thoroughly nice rifle and provided things work out I will be adding a few more 7mm Mausers to the cabinet, December auctions are upon us!

The scope isnt up to much but it certainly does fine for woodland work and although it isnt moderated it is an elegant rifle, well balanced and straight shooting with a perfect comb height on an attractive walnut stock. not made anymore and to buy a new equivalent would mean Holland and Holland or Purdey so cheapest starts at about £28 000.


Mr Free Market said...


I have read somewhere that those old Rigbys can suffer from ejection problems. Any truth in that or is it internet heresay???



Bambibasher said...

Only when hanging off a cliff, shooting vertically downwards and being too tight to eject the case far enough clear as I reload, then yes they may fall back in.

Bob K said...

Any chance you could provide a closeup of the safety? Curious how it clears the low-mounted scope.

Andy said...

I have a very similar rifle, if not near identical, also in .275 (7x57). Mine is stamped EJ Churchill though.
I'm told that they were made by Parker Hale from reparation Mausers through the 60's and 70's in fair numbers. Nice rifle though.

Bambibasher said...

I couldnt comment on the Churchill but Rigby was a good maker and went over to America as a business in the late 1990's.