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Monday, 9 November 2009

Remembrance weekend

Back off the hill and the drive back home got me in just about on time. Getting up in the morning however was a real struggle. Still dogs to be worked and pheasants to be plucked;
Not a massive bag but compared to the previous saturdays effort it was 100% better, funny how a little sunshine brings them out. The dogs worked really hard and the young beaters too. I was very impressed with everyones efforts and it is nice to see the woodcock back again.

Yes its not the size that counts but even had we hit everything the guns saluted we certainly would have managed to carry them all home. That is unlike the big herds of red deer in Scotland, estimates on herd sizes ran from 180 to 250 head and that was just in our part of our glen. Not to mention the little family groups of Roe dotted about just about everywhere, hillside as well.

It wasnt just Red Deer or even Deer that we saw, plenty of birds of prey and some lovely hares;

Sunday dawned to some of the worst weather I have seen in our green and pleasant corner of England, I walked the dogs with a spare poop bag on my bonce as per usual I have started to leave hats behind everywhere. Minime and I spent a couple of hours whilst the weather held at the local Remembrance Parade and paid our respects to family and friends and those known not to us, for their sacrifice.

I was here instead of at Croydon for a parade as the works rep, I think next year I will if I am still working there attend but make it more formal.

As pointed out by others it is nice to see so many youngsters here, not that long ago I wondered if it would all fall by the wayside but thanks to New Labour we certainly seem to have a need for more names to be added to the memorials.

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