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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Hampshire, a long day but dry and fun

The devils own drive for a bit of beating and backgunning but taking the wrong cartridge bag meant I stuck to running the beating again. Never mind it was a grand day, I took 4 dogs and as I type they are comatose on the sofa.

For those readers overseas or those who never have been beating before its a good way to earn your sport;

First you need to put the guns around the cover where you think the birds are, line up beaters, unleash the dogs and conduct a break in. The hardest part has to be not opening fire on pigeons as its the Partridges and Pheasants we really want.

The dogs run freely in the thick cover but the beaters try to maintain some sort of line.

The total for the day was 11 & 1/2 brace, not as big as some but all were well earnt;

The wettest drive back ever and a day at a ten pin bowling tournament followed. Still I managed to sort out another 10 lbs of venison for mincing into bangers!

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