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Saturday, 14 November 2009


I'm no massive fan of the cuddly drivel produced by the twits on Autumnwatch so it normally isnt granted airtime in Castle Bambibasher.

Tonight though having nodded of after the Tea Lady had served her attempt at Hugh Furry eat them all's latest effort at soup the Haus Frau woke me for the stoutest of bull dogs pudding, Spotted Dick.

Whilst cleaning the bowl I noticed that autumn watch was on and the odd one with the funny face and voice was prattling on about how next week us the taxpayer are sending them to the Cairngorms to look for Arctic Hares.

Well pardon me, if he got of his taxpayers funded arrsse he may have been able to come along and see the real thing whilst we were hind stalking, provided he sourced the "Humble PIE"!

Of course he would have had to see a lot of this

and heaven forbid should the taxpayer see what its publicly funded officials force upon the land owners in the name of conservation eh?

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