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Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Angus hills and the Red Hinds

Cold, wet and 10 hours of travelling in the defender up from Wiltshire to the Angus hills, nice place to visit though;

Organised as 4 days of stalking split between pairs, Mr Free Market and Charles paired up whilst R and I went together.

A lovely little 4 bed lodge, with only 10 minutes in the car to the Ghillies house and the first morning on the zero range;

R and I travelled up the Glen and onto the hill in the land rover (thank god) and R went off to bag his first deer ever;

Happy looking chap, I was then asked if I suffered from Vertigo, we went over the edge of an escarpement and onto a little rocky ledge where I then shot a Hind and her Yearling Calf, the shots were almost vertical and I was terrified to say the least, the Ghillie then ran down the escarpement to gralloch them, a total loon.

You can see that these points are vertically seperated by over 100 yards of vertical drop. That was me for the day, R went on to get another but I was astounded for the rest of the week.
Then it was back to the larder for prepping the carcasses and into the hospitality suite.
The larder;

The hospitality suite;

Mr Free Market and Charles enjoyed both of their days as did R & I, I certainly sweated my final deer, the Ghillie made me work hard for having missed an earlier one and even then I plugged a different hind due to changing firing positions at the last minute;

That said it didnt stop me enjoying myself and the company, stalking is often a solitary occupation and I thank the 3 Gentlemen who accompanied me to the hill and the serial shagger known as the Ghillie!

The last day of all was a phenominal event in my books, 2 rifles and 8 hinds, well worth the long journey to see such an event, during the morning, I skinned a hind which the Ghillie quartered and its now mostly sat in the chiller awaiting processing;
In the evening a céilidh which meant Haggis wrapped in Chicken and Janes Clootie Dumplings followed by a swift run around the tops of the glens;

The view from larry landy as we set off seems to stick in the mind, a wonderful week.

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