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Friday, 16 October 2009

Wahay, mentioned in the press

Ok, shooting press but its still the press; Field & Stream

Nice to know some blog followers push me about. I used to read F&S an awful lot but it was blocked by the IT stasi at a place I worked so I let it slip for far too long. The IT Stasi actually brand Mr Free Market Fairy Tales as Racist which frankly is insane but then in the PC world of public service race is the issue and perception is everything which is why I am to declare myself a traveller. They cant sack me for calling someone a opikey then as its permissable in the same way a Black or IC3 can call another the "N" word!

Either way the weekend is upon us, the RFD application has gone in the post and I am looking forward to a harvest at the auctions!

I mustnt forget the political scum that purport to lead our once proud nation and I am probably breaking copywright (I hope not) by posting this!

"I'm TA, can I buy another bullet?"

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