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Monday, 26 October 2009

Sunday afternoon stalking

Well I forgot the camera which is a pity as the phone doesnt record sound too well. Kiwi and I headed over at about half 2, yes it was dark by five so we needed to get out on the ground.
John is unique, a great shot with the sort of patience that goes with very long range match rifle shooting. He regularly starts at 1200 yards and going back further isnt unknown.
The down side is he takes for ever to get ready and then for some reason when stalking he undergoes a metamorphasises into a buck fever ridden teenager looking for his first deer. ok not quite that bad but he can be a handful right up until he starts to pack his kit away and then stoical John comes back.
Anyway we didnt get a deer, we did stalk close to a magnificent buck but he wasnt on our ground, he gave his position away by grunting;

Sassy was with us, always handy for tracking and she was shaking visibly at the sounds and smells;

The sound in the wood was something else and now the Rhodedendrons have been removed you can see and hear a long way, stood at the Dam and a Booming "you are tresspassing" call up the valley to a dog walker had the desired effect. No deer shot but one hell of an evening!

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