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Friday, 30 October 2009

A real treat for Croydon yesterday

I will apologise now for the quality of the video, its the work camera and I wont be using it again, its not a patch on my own!

This is one of the two Bands of the Rifles, playing in Croydon yesterday, nice to hear high on a hill being played, it took me back 20 years to when I served in the 1st Bn The Light Infantry.

These young men have just returned from what could only be described as a tough tour in Afghanistan and I heartily thank all of those who turned out to welcome them home.

After being inspected by the Mayor these fine young inheritors of our traditions were given a reception. After they escaped that we gave them a reception in every pub we could get into!

Top lads, well done and enjoy your hard earned leave.

I too am going on leave, to Scotland for a week in the company of stout bulldogs to partake in the Hind Cull!

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