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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The first shoot day came and went

As we pulled into the drive we saw pheasants all over the place, great I thought we just need them to stay in our wood.
2 new methods were tried to do the drives but the best birds seemed to come from the original hotspots, some things dont change do they?

I suspect that when the weather cools off the birds will be venturing around and hitting a few more of the new feeders. In the 2 weeks since the last major topping up they seem to have emptied the feeders on the east side of the shoot.

The bag?

Well Toni managed 2 hens and a pigeon, reports that the bird was actually perched have yet to be proved.

Young Edmund a new half gun who beat for us last year pipped his dad to the post and bagged another hen. So more birds in the air than shot, nothing new there eh?

The guns all seemed to enjoy themselves and despite the unseasonal weather and heavy cover I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

After a quick pint at the Red Lion (Harveys of course) it was a quick trip for dog food on the way home for lunch and a clean up before the evenings entertainment. The dogs seemed to enjoy themselves and its as if the summer never happened.

Outside the beer festival we caught our first red cords of the week;

Inside with Chan, Roger and Nick, the Tea Lady, Ben and Alex we started tasting ales, sadly some dont adhere to the sensible guide of halfs only and the evidence is plain to see;

Roger with a chip on his shoulder.

Oddly enough the rock band was lively and the oompah band quite funny,, make your own mind up;

Alex caught Ben nodding off as well
God alone knows how as it was hellishly noisy!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

What is it with you and the red cords? I must be lucky I never see any anywhere.

Bambibasher said...

This time it was the Tea Lady that spotted them and they were really Jeans not cords but still red!
I often rely on Sassy my springer to hunt them out for me. What is it about Ruperts and their perception of Sartorial elegance?

The Suburban Bushwacker said...

I think its the toff equivalent of putting a tin of pineapple in the dinner to 'jazz it up a bit'.
Either way an action that should be mocked wherever it is seen.