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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Back to work

Another day another game of platform ramp rugby, the Commuters seem to think that I will either get out of their way or fall over when they run at me down the ramp to the train I have just alighted. Silly buggers, the look on their faces sat on the floor when a tosspot (them) meets an immovable lump (me).
Wading through all the PC bullshit wears you down especially as call me daves mate has decided to crimp my wages despite the fact that all of our senior managers have already agreed to a pay freeze.
Pity as I was really looking forward to stacking in some time into a pension fund!
Still at least I am old enough to be considering retirement, something as a lad in the Army that seemed so long ago. Think about your pension and think about hoow the lads and lassess in this short clip are earning theirs;

That said I guess ladies no longer need to be concerned about equality;

testing Bulletproof glass?


ajdshootist said...

Pre Health & Safety brave woman.

Ghostrifle said...

I have to say if that guy has been using my 270 that would be a video nasty.