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Monday, 5 October 2009

Back to work after a crappy weekend

Wind and rain on Saturday and a cracking day on sunday yet less than 1 days takings compared to last year and even less when compared to many events we have done this year. I suspect we wont be there next year!

So dire was it that it took till sunday to find the famous red corduroys;

In fact it was so bad that it took a day at work today to hunt down our regular set;

The show was very windy and luckily the pop up Gazebo held out although we did put the stand away for the night, now to celebrate the shooting season which is well underway;

The sound of the hounds is certainly superb, feck princess tony and his nasty class war and all the criminals in the lower house!The weather was really cruel to us, not wet enough to keep them in our stall but enough to keep them away!

Some guests however were more than welcome;

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The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Is there no end to the cruelty of some people?

Remember it's worse for children as their eyes are at a lower level and must bear the full horror of such evil breeks!