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Monday, 21 September 2009

Wow, the Midland was something else

Whilst I wasnt able to photograph all of the top totty (thats not really why I am here darling) I certainly gave it a good go. The stand was set up on Friday evening, come Saturday morning I felt a quick photo was in order. I thought that being next door to the enemy might have caused a problem. Oh no it was to our benefit;
There were a few interesting people and dogs seen walking by;Newfoundlands pulling carts and labrador stunt doubles;
The day was particularly busy and the stand was heaving;

Ofcourse the red cords were out;

This time however Ginger man was in an almost matching outfit and outshone everyone;

Even his hair matched, although on the sunday morning there were a few eye catching moments;

So a good weekend all in all, Toni managed to deal with one of the Charlies in our wood;

Well done Toni, Meanwhile back in Weston Park we watched the deer with the sheep;

Busy is a pretty good description of what the weekend was;

It wouldnt surprise me if numbers are up on last years 47 000.

That said we sold so much that some lines are now discontinued and we spent this evening updating the webshop to show this.

The Deer (all Fallow) were worth watching though, who said they wont share with sheep?

Whilst I am at it, who wanted the map of Australia?

Our Hotel for the weekend was located near some special features;


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Oh the horror! What kind of person knowingly sold him those trousers?

Bambibasher said...

I was worried that it may have been one of my former officers!