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Monday, 28 September 2009

A weekend spent shooting and stalking

Friday was spent in fine company planning the trip to Scotland. This now should work out nicely!
Saturday was spent with a client zeroing the rifles and then I went deer counting.
I saw a lovely Roe Doe and her two Fawns sunning themselves. I sat and watched them for over 30 minutes and they werent too bothered by my presence. The Doe looked tired and thin but there was plenty to keep her busy. Roll on November the first.
Sunday morning saw us visiting another local clay layout, £8 for 50 sporting birds, not bad since I managed to hit less than half.
I also managed to delete all the pics from the weekend apart from some ropey mobile phone ones.
Sunday afternoon I visited another wood, saw several fallow does but was constantly disturbed by dog walkers. The fact that they are tresspassing is bad enough but to allow dogs to run free and disturb fawns isnt a good idea. They wouldnt enjoy the experience of me walking in their garden!

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