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Monday, 7 September 2009

A strange sunday it was:

Eventually after a half day on the clays;

It seems we had really enjoyed ourselves;

We had seriously enjoyed a few rounds of clay dusting including the win by default of div D!

I decided that spending anmother night on site commissioning without knowing I had a hotel room wasnt a great idea!

So I booked one room, twice thanks to lost comms and when on arrival realised that they didnt have any record of me I wwas miffed to say the least.

I kicked up a tad, was given a key to a room already occupied and eventually settled into a room for a few hours before work!

So a few hours on site, a couple of hours in bed followed by half a day at work and it all went wrong:

Which thanks to Thames Water looked like this;

whilst we are on the subject, John the kiwi managed this ona recent trip up north;

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