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Monday, 14 September 2009

A great day out in Hampshire yesterday and Troll hunting

We did reasonably well despite initial doubts to our location and met a few old friends from the local syndicate as well. Hello again if you are reading this. We were placed next to the Gundog scurries away from the main arena, unless you went to the gundog area we wouldnt have met!

It was a nice day weatherwise, overcast and good for shooting so why Stephen didnt win the clay shoot I couldnt say! Thanks for getting us the water though, I must remember a kettle next time. Thanks to all the hard work from the Gundog organisers and especially the CA ladies who really made the day go well
The stand looked good;
The old Gazebo has held up well and the display cabinet seems to work;

Some things however do not change and one thing is definetly clothing, see here for the return of the dreaded red cords with a twist, this time its jeans. Has the man no shame?

This fit young filly was another oddity, you can just make out the mobile phone attachment to her right Hunter! Mind you there wasnt a fag paper space spare inside her breeks!

Whilst back at work today I was enduring a site meeting with a supplier when I spotted a mutant member of the underworld being apprehend by a pair of pointy heads. I suppose being a six foot Troll is a minority without a voice isnt it?

Perhaps he shouldnt have worn so many clothes?

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