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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Awfully sorry about the lack of posting (Video heavy)

I have been struggling to find 5 minutes away from work and today free of being on call I managed to find time to visit the birds.

Ben drove us over and we certainly had fun, marking feeders and topping off the ones missed by everyone lese so far. I have been updating the map ready to publish with the locations of these so we can ensure they are all checked to keep the birds on our ground;
I'm reasonably sure Ben enjoys driving lessons;

The feeders still to be accounted for from last year were all on the far side of the wood, its broken up into 3 main sections all of which are just about vehicle accessible if you have the right vehicle.

It has been great fun driving around, finding the old feeders but also great to have my eldest sone do the driving, its a bit of a mark of his age that he can do this now and I look forward to him collecting me from the train when I am blottoed!

Feeding the birds is vital although they havent been left unnattended, the lads have been in every day and Chris especially who seems to be reliable as does Alan and Tony cutting paths in the jungle that is our wood. Busy doesnt really describe the state of play at work, its also in the way that there is very little I can do to help or put things right. Still I am available and will be there as usual. Only problem is this means no training courses so no extra income.

We dropped into the pen before leaving for home, fresh water helps the birds with the feed.

The journey home though uses lanes as narrow as the ones in the wood!

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