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Sunday, 23 August 2009

A weekend without pictures

Well maybe not quite the truth, I did snap a pic of all 6 eggs in the hen house, a full house I suppose. I collected 1 tonne of grain for the pheasants and they have made a dent in that already.

Thats a lot of grain, it did for Toni's trailer I'm afraid although I have to admit it certainly was easier using two trailers and 4 wheel drives.

The birds seem to be feathering up well and have discovered so many feeders thatt it seemed the right time to start filling the big bins.

I'll get out and plot them all and number them for the shoot map this week.

I have a busy week ahead!

Saturday evening saw me visiting a fellow stalker, a friend had seen a rifle for sale and asked if I knew the seller, well of course I did. I believe the purchase has been agreed so I may stick in a pic;

Nice isnt it, sold I'm afraid. I sit here typing this up after a day on the motorway, a trip to Dunstable for a Bowling tournament, hopefully our last!

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