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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

That time of the month again

Yes it was club night, another lecture at the HBSA. US and German mountain troops of WW2.

Very interesting and I took minime along, no prizes for guessing what he was interested in;

Now I am expected to make one for him, I dont suppose a working replica will be legal so perhaps something in wood?

Still a nice collection of items to illustrate the lecture;

I strangely enough was drawn to this G33 of Czech origin which swung around nicely, make a nice deer rifle;
I dont think a scope would be necessary, just some decent load development! I also happened to read about the Portugese 6.5mm x 58 Vergueiro in G&A, very interesting!


Chas S. Clifton said...

Living in Colorado, where some people make a fetish of the 10th Mountain Division (you can even get commemorative license plates), I like to x-c ski some of the places where they trained.

But their equipment was murder. No wonder some called the skis "torture boards"! They feel like lumber compared to even wooden Nordic skis of a generation ago.

The boots weighed about 5 lbs each too -- I had some of that when I was a teenager. Didn't keep them.

Add a pack, a Garand, etc... Mix well at 10,00 feet.

Tom Wolf's Ice Crusaders is an interesting, if impressionistic, history.

Bambibasher said...

The kit on display reminded me of the army ski march kit we had, I shudder at the memories!