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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A testing time

Getting ready for a large commissioning at work, I agreed to assist with either writing or reviewing the testing plan. Still it seems to be working itself out and I may be restricted to assisting!

Anyway this neatly brings us around to the subject of testing. Regulars will no doubt recall that I do enjoy handloading and testing those loads against factory ammo. I may never make a living at it but I'll certainly enjoy it.

This afternoon after the trip home the Tea Lady and I together with the sports monkey decided to do a little testing of our own.

We have been selling dummy launchers and blanks for a while, this is because we sell the excellent Dead Fowl Trainer Launcher dummies. We have often been asked how powerful these are so we decided to test them against a standard TR smooth launcher tube dummy.

Sports Monkey had made me a launcher holder to save my thumbs and wrists from a trip to A&E.

We set up the rig in Farmer Tims field;
The launcher is primed with a .22 rimfire blank; And away we go;

Yellow box blanks: Tube went 50 metres, bird went 43.5 metres.

Red box blanks: Tube went 55.25 metres, bird went 47,5 metres.

Green box blanks: Tube went 67.5 metres, bird went 42 metres.

Special box of purple blanks: Tube went 52 metres, bird went 47 metres.

Mind you there was a stiff headwind of about 10 miles per hour and we launched into this, we thought the purples (designed for captive bolt slaughter guns) may have left the 6 acre field so we thought a head wind would be an advantage.

Wahay, fun and games!

Time to get the dogs out and do some training!

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