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Monday, 17 August 2009

An interesting weekend,

I managed to squeak in a very nice Roe Buck towards a high seat but I was impatient and saw him turn in the scrub and do a runner from about 40 yards.

John the Kiwi saw a Doe and Buck later but they werent hanging around.

If anyone ever asks why I am happy to be out in the woods even with an empty larder at the end obviously hasnt seen scenes like these;
Anyhow the weekend is when we really get stuck into the work ready for the start of the season, some work is feeding poults, some is pest control and some is combined. Mr Free Market has been very busy with the pest control;
I on the other hand delivered some feed and went armed in case I ran into a fox, there have been a few cubs loose now the harvest is ongoing! I encountered these slots and realised that I was seriously underarmed;
Thats a 3" Eley AAA cartridge there and those look like cattle and damn big ones. I need to organise a stalk in there!

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