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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Festival of transport 2009 Hellingly

Its a bit of a spotters paradise but even so we do enjoy the odd couple of hours every year or so.

There are very often some little treats in store:

A very early Unimog, a real dinky version. Looking inside I couldnt help wondering if the first generations of post WW2 German workers were all midgets!

The usual collection of military vehicles abounded along with classic cars and motorbikes;
A Mk 2/3 Ferret with an L37 fitted by the look of it.

Not sure what model this is just yet but it certainly looks like a 40mm, yes its a Bofors,
this bit however looked a tad bigger, 155 anyone?

Plenty of BSA bikes including one as a raffle prize, I do prefer my BSA to have a single chamber rather than a twin.

The usual collection of steam traction engines;
And the not so usual;
Ofcourse not forgetting the bus spotters, there's more than a couple at work!

After all that spotting it was time to go around the shoot, mapping and numbering the feeders.

Believe it or not there is a feeder at the end of this path, yes its a path!

We drove around marking and topping as we went, 3 hours and we had managed 21. Only half way around;
Tomorrow I really should get out and finish the job, I do however have plans for a syndicate bash at the clays for our families followed by a BBQ. poor admin means this takes place in my garden rather than on the wood itself. The bonus is a night in my own bed rather than slumped asleep drunk under a flysheet bitten by midges!

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