Wednesday, 12 August 2009

AFC Wimbledon, Wombles, more Ballamory than Tobermory

Last night sprog 1 drove us both down to Eastbourne Borough, AFC Wimbledon turned up in our league and without a doubt you could see why they had been promoted. Matching Borough at every move only both defences seemed to be as weak as each other.
I have to admit that the goal by Neill Jenkins was a corker and would have defeated many better keepers.
The best bit about the match is the atmosphere with (thanks a lot to the wombles for bringing over 1000 fans) we had a gate of 3107. Not a club record but a good start to the season and welcome finances.
The crowd are a bit special, especially the north stand boys;

More weekend stalking planned, I will have to see what happens and if I can get onto some fox control on my pheasant wood as they seem to be in abundance again.

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