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Monday, 13 July 2009

A weekend of work and play

A trip to Reading on saturday morning to the second British Falconry Festival, this interesting event was sponsored by the folk from Abhu Dhabi.

Not a bad spot I'll admit, although the theme was a bit unusual, less of a game fair and a lot more festival. The participants certainly looked the part;

Some were trying harder than others;

The Arab chaps had a nice sized area set up with sand and all the bits and bobs you would expect to see;

Yes the camel is lying down, no comments about having the hump please.

The layout was good, most nations having displays, we walked around Europe towards China and Japan but the Georgian Marquee was shut up, maybe being next door to the Russians wasnt great planning?

Some stands had pig roasts but as some wag pointed out even the Mongolians seem to know how to BBQ;
Then the ring displays and sideshows were worthy of attention, some people are just plain barking;

The weekend wrapped up being on call by attending a saturday night shift to ensure that the maintenance contractors managed to do a job correctly, nice to be in as it happens, I caught the sight of the locals trying to dodge fairs on the tram network;

The main job went well, eventually despite everyones efforts at making a hash we got the job done, sadly it meant no sunday clay shoot, no gundog scurry and no trip to check on the pen!

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