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Sunday, 19 July 2009

No pics this post

A great weekend and I spent saturday evening counting deer, 12 seen in 2 hours at one wood alone, we got very close.
Today the birds arrived, in an awful heavy downpour to boot. 250 birds from the Game farmer and a dozen that Elmer had reared on the living room floor. Sadly some escaped before Elmer could get them in the pen.
Thieving pikey gits had attempted to steal the shoot 4wd by breaking the ignition column. Tossers.
1 bird dead already but no real dramas, the dogs found the electric fence works!
Only 2 feeders to fix and whilst the rest of us have been at work Mad Frank Mitchell has cut several paths through the jungle. Beating next season should be easier!
Start feeding the pen already and the surround over the next two weeks. We will start mapping the feeders and paths ready for mid august when the birds will hopefully range around the shoot!

We did see a couple try to fly, kind of hope they fly better than this;

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Gallimaufry said...

Thankfully, all 4 and 2 dogs onboard escaped uninjured.
Here's a better take-off on the same lake with the same type of aircraft: