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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another busy weekend

A lovely family of 2 fawns with Mum the Roe Doe and Dad the buck were followed for about 3 hours.

It was a morning stalk/census and as such by noon I was dropping off to sleep.

I took No.1 son out in his car, or rather he took me out in his. Now I remember why you dont teach close relatives to drive.

Sunday came and is going as I type, the boys and I spent most of the day at the 2009 War and peace show at Beltring

What I thought would be a short day walt hunting and laughing at fat civvies dressed as fat SS Colonels was as far from the truth as possible. Yes there were a few odd characters but mostly it seemed to be just good fun. I mean who can resist this;

The lads and I took a ride on this adapted FV423;

I must host the pics online and put up a link, I hope the boys enjoyed looking as much as I did?

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