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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Well someone certainly passed their MBA in business bollock speak

Didnt they?
This arrived in my email today;

This is a delegate centred workshop focusing on the importance of employee engagement through quality performance conversations to achieve improved business results. The workshop will offer you an opportunity to examine and discuss the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to engage your people in a range of performance conversations.

· Performance Planning Conversation – setting objectives
· Regular formal one to ones conversations
· Improving under performance conversations


Identify and explain how the manager’s behaviour and actions impact on overall performance.
Explain the differences between the different types of conversation interventions and improve their confidence in choosing the right type of intervention.
Identify the key skills and behaviours that support these types of intervention.
Explain how employee engagement enhances the delivery of business outcomes.

Allegedly its to teach me how to speak to my staff. Well it wont be winning any Crystal charter mark for plain English will it?

Now I know I have been slack in posting but the above may explain why I have been busy, if not then look at this;
An unbeleivably hot day spent in reasonable company watching some very good gundog work.
The Tea Lady here making the special award for the Junior Novices. Many thanks to SEGS for the day.


LSP said...

Do people still talk that way?

You should stop them, with your gun, and a dog.



Bambibasher said...

Sadly even Railtrack which despite being run by commercial lawyers achieved the Crystal Charter mark, its replacement Network Rail is doing its best to undo this especially by employing the likes of Bechtel etc. Even the mob I am currently with seems infected by this drivel, If I stay I will work from the inside to bring down the evil empire!