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Monday, 15 June 2009

Weird week, weirder weekend

So I spent 2 days at the funny farm taking the rest of the week off to ensure that the Tea Lady's stand went up and worked at the South of England Show, Wednesday set up, easy plan apart from the marquee wouldnt go up and was missing poles. Despite a 2 hour round trip we sacked that and set up on the morning using our garden BBQ Gazebo rather than miss out. Thanks to Elmer Fudd for helping all 3 days and Katie from next door for getting stuck in on the saturday. Will we do it again?

I dont think so, Madam wasnt impressed and it was a lot of work and cost for little return, didnt even win a prize for our display!

Here I am starting to make custom dog leads for the punters, all that effort and still no prize for best stand!

Here is the Tea Lady holding someones furry balls.

A close up on the display;

Live entertainment provided by the PWRR Band;

and something unique or perhaps ubique?

All of this means that the shooting has been on the back burner, still a round of sporting clays on sunday morning was good for my soul if not my average and after this I am planning some bunny and bambi bashing for the next few days. This weekend coming its the Sussex Game Fair at Parham Park
We will be there dispensing dog training supplies and good humour hopefully, should the weather hold I might get in a round of clays, never know I fancy a new pick up truck.

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