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Friday, 19 June 2009

Back on the horse again!

So after much pestering to go out and thin the rabbit population I drove up to work so I could visit the wood that evening on the way home.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this chap lounging around;

He was worth a look for again later so I popped him into the hedge as this is the closest to home I have seen a Roe Buck and to age him would be interesting.

After work I took the car down to the woods and whilst wandering around saw a nice Roe Doe, and heard at least 2 different bucks barking at each other so I figured the wood could support the loss of one, fifty yards at a push?

After dealing with this chap we wandering off filling the pot with rabbits and away home to see if mr roadkill was still there.

Gone sadly so either the council or the pikeys are having a very gamey venison stew!
When I got back and hung the carcasse I found that the shot had missed the shoulder/leg bone and gone through the ribs taking out the heart and lung connection. Nice, I must remember that sight picture, as if it will ever leave me eh?

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